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    Miles Bardon

    I am publishing a C# WinForms app with Tobii integration. I am now trying to create an installer (using the “Publish” option in the “Properties” file) but it fails to install the Tobii.EyeX.Client driver in the install directory. Looking at what VS2017 includes as references, the only related driver it finds is Tobii.EyeX.Client.Net20, which states to include the above dll.
    Additionally, it won’t let me manually add Tobii.EyeX.Client to the references list.

    Is there a way to force this inclusion? Are there other ways you would deploy an installer if “Publish” isn’t the way to go about doing it?

    Alex [Tobii]

    Hi @milesb !

    Tobii.EyeX.Client.dll is not a managed assembly so if you want it to be copied to the output folder, you need to do the following steps.

    – Use Project + Add Existing Item and select the DLL.
    – Select the added file in the Solution Explorer window.
    – In the Properties window, change the Copy to Output Directory setting to “Copy if newer”.

    Miles Bardon

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks, this fixed it! I also found that when creating a .msi using Visual Studio’s “Installer Project” I had to also include the .dll as an extra file. Whilst it didn’t recognise it as a Executable library, it still made the program work so everything is good again 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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