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    I am using the Tobii X2-60 eye tracker. I have downloaded Tobii Gaze SDK C API 4.1.0 Win32. I am using visual studio 2013(32bit) on Windows 7(64 bit). I tried compiling the Minimal Tracker sample code. I had to upgrade it to use visual studio 2013 compiler and libraries and built the solution. When I try MinimalTracker –auto I get No eye tracker found. The eye tracker was detected using the Tobii Studio and also Tobii Eye Tracker browser. Is there anything else I need to setup i.e install the eyex engine?


    When I used the Tobii Gaze SDK .NET API 2.1.0 Win32 , it worked fine


    The Tobii Gaze SDK didn’t work. Tobii analytics SDK works fine any idea why this is happening?

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi Sai,

    Do I understand you correctly, that what you wrote in reply #3649 is actually incorrect – it doesn’t work for any version of the Tobii Gaze SDK?

    Please, try this:
    Use the Tobii Eye Tracker browser to find the eye tracker’s IP address.
    Then, use the eye tracker URL instead of “–auto” as a command argument to the MinimalTracker C sample:

    Does that work?


    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for the reply. What I wrote in #3622 is wrong. I tested all Tobii Gaze SDK’s i.e TobiiGazeSdk-CApi- , TobiiGazeSdk-CApi- , TobiiGazeSdk-DotNetApi- and TobiiGazeSdk-DotNetApi- which didn’t work.(I was getting No Eye Tracker found with –auto). I tried as you have said using the ip-address and all the MinimalTracker examples ran as expected.

    Also all the examples in Analytics SDK don’t work as expected. In tobii-analytics-sdk-3.0.83-win-Win32, tobiictl works as expected. When I run the Basic Eye Tracking Sample in DotNet it builds successfully, but when I run it I get “An unhandled exception of type ‘System.BadImageFormatException’ occurred in Tobii.EyeTracking.IO.dll” . In tobii-analytics-sdk-3.0.83-win-x64 , tobiictl doesn’t build it gives me the following error http://pastebin.com/tC9cW3ZQ . Unlike the case in 32-bit the DotNet Sample build and works as expected.

    In total is there anyway I could use Gaze SDK i.e instead of giving the ip-address specifically. It would be very nice if you can resolve this issue with Gaze SDK.

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi Sai,

    Tobii Gaze SDK:
    The X2-60 eye tracker is a device that presents itself as a network device. The Tobii Gaze SDK does not have built-in support for discovering network eye trackers, it will only automatically discover eye trackers that present themselves as USB devices (such as EyeX Controller, REX, PCEyeGo, PCEye Explore, X2-30, X3-120). This is per design, to limit the scope and complexity of the Tobii Gaze SDK.

    Tobii Analytics SDK:
    I’ll forward the problem to Tobii Pro which is the business unit that owns the Analytics SDK.


    Thanks for the information.

    Jonas [Tobii]

    Hi Sai,

    The ‘System.BadImageFormatException’ indicates you have built application for Win32 ant then using the Win64 SDK when running the applicaion. Or the other way around.

    The linking error for tobiictl happens when you do not link with tetio.lib. Do you get this error from the bundled build files?


    Thank you very much. I understand why this is happening.The bundled files work as expected.

    Aniket Sakinala

    Hi @jenny, I’m having similar problems. I’m using the X2-60 as well but I have the EyeX SDK 1.6 and Tobii EyeX 2.0.2 The eye tracker is detected and works fine in Tobii Studio and Eye Tracker Browser. However, the EyeX fails to detect it. Henceforth, I think, none of the SDK samples are able to pick any events. They all build and run but there is no interaction.

    From EyeX:
    Eye tracker model: NA
    Firmware version: NA
    EyeX Controller driver version: 2.0.0
    Service version
    EyeX Engine version:
    EyeX Config version:
    EyeX Interaction version:

    From Eye Tracking Settings:
    Model name: X2-60_Compact
    Firmware: 1.2.2

    Windows 7, VS 2015

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi @aniketsaki,
    The EyeX Engine uses the Gaze SDK to connect to the eye tracker. And since the Gaze SDK cannot connect to a network tracker like the X2-60 (as explained in the #3673 reply above), unfortunately you cannot use the X2-60 with the Tobii EyeX software, engine or SDK’s.

    Aniket Sakinala

    Thanks for the timely response.Just to make sure, are Tobii Pro X2-60 and X2-60 the same? If so, then I can use only the Analytics SDK? And if not, then I have no SDK to go with X2-60?

    Jenny [Tobii]

    @aniketsaki: Yes, the Tobii Pro X2-60 is an analytics eye tracker, and its designated SDK is the Analytics SDK.

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