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    Which dynamic library should I use with my Eye Tracker 5, “Tobii.Interaction.Net.dll” or “tobii_stream_engine.dll”?

    Basically, I’ve written a simple program in C# to read eye location. Both libraries seem to work fine for this purpose. I’ve tried the following:

    _host.Streams.CreateGazePointDataStream() in “Tobii.Interaction.Net.dll” and,
    tobii_gaze_point_subscribe() in “tobii_stream_engine.dll” via “Tobii.StreamEngine.Interop.cs”

    Both approaches seem to have similar performance. So, why should I choose one library over the other? Is there some advantage that I’m not aware of? Again, my application literally just reads eye location and nothing more.

    Finally, I originally wrote this program for an Eye Tracker 4C. At the time, only the “Tobii.Interaction.Net.dll” library was available. I recently upgraded to a Eye Tracker 5 and noticed that, without modification, the program worked with both eye trackers. Should I bother updating the program for use with “tobii_stream_engine.dll” or just leave it as-is with “Tobii.Interaction.Net.dll”?


    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @different21, the interaction library is no longer publically maintained or provided so it would be best to go with the Tobii Stream Engine API moving forward which also has the lowest footprint of the two SDKs

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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