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    Daniel Delgado

    I wanted to give you some first feedback: I was installing the SDK to test it and I have found some issue as you can see in the screenshot when trying to launch any showcase. Then I noticed I haven’t created a profile and that was the whole problem but your wizard never asked me for.

    Error initializing TecSDK

    Btw, I didn’t know how to remap because the Control Panel and the Settings Selector are only available as .EXE in the Tobii folder, no shortcuts available. After doing it was that I figured out the solution to the first issue.

    Therefore I was able to run the showcase apps, I noticed that the monitor selector was not working. I have 2 monitors and the eye tracking device is on my secondary screen, but the showcase has no way to select this on its settings.

    Showcase issue with two monitors


    Hi Daniel, thanks for your feedback!

    I’m painfully aware that the REX development kit, including Showcase, does need an update. All of our development efforts have been focused on the EyeX recently and so the REX hasn’t received the care and affection that it should. But the good news is that we are working on it right now, and I hope there will be a new version available for download soon.

    Btw, did you check out the EyeX SDK yet? Please have a look at this page for more info.

    Daniel Delgado

    Does the EyeX SDK works with the REX device? I have a big doubt if I develop something for REX it will be reusable if we decide after to opt out to deploy some of our products with the Eyex device too.

    Robert [Tobii]

    Yes, the EyeX SDK works both for the Tobii REX and Tobii EyeX Controller.

    Daniel Delgado

    Oh, that’s a big relief! Do you have any plans of porting all the new EyeX features to the REX SDK or releasing one unified SDK for both products?

    Note: I’m having hard times downloading the Tobii EyeX Engine Developer Preview. Thanks to your answer I noticed it can be used with the REX too.

    Robert [Tobii]

    Hi Daniel,

    The Gaze SDK and the EyeX SDK will both be maintained in parallel, and we will not port any features from the EyeX SDK to the Gaze SDK.

    The reason (short version) is:

    • The Gaze SDK and EyeX SDK have different purposes
    • The Gaze SDK is cross-platform, low-level and will only change if the eye tracking hardware exposes new data or changes the protocol
    • The EyeX SDK uses the EyeX Engine, which is built on top of the EyeX SDK to extend the low-level SDK with out-of-the-box behaviors for high-level interactions and handling multiple interactors in multiple EyeX client applications, z-order etc. The downside is that the EyeX Engine is Windows-only.
    • While the Gaze SDK is more or less complete in terms of functionality, our main efforts at the moment is extending the EyeX Engine and SDK to make it super-easy to create applications with consistent and proven interaction.

    We have tried to explain this further on the rex-setup page that you linked to, but it probably needs more clarification.

    Thanks for the input regarding the download problem. We are working on that too 🙂

    Daniel Delgado

    Thanks for your more detailed explanation. However I’m having issues installing the Tobii EyeX Engine Developer Preview. Seems like the USB Driver updated correctly but the second step doesn’t install at all. I’m not sure if this is an incompatibility issue where you cannot install Gaze SDK and EyeX SDK side by side.

    Robert [Tobii]

    Ok, just to check: Is this on Windows XP? (in regards to the other thread?). In that case I can understand that it does not work.

    Otherwise, to get a more detailed explanation on why the installation fails you can run the unpacked .msi file separately (you see the path in the error message)

    Daniel Delgado

    No way, just notice the window type and you can see it’s obviously Windows 7.

    I already did that and the result was very unexpected:

    1. Monitors are worst detected than in the REX setup, on both actual settings and wizard setup profile maker:
      Service ‘Tobii Update Service’ failed to start, even if I’m administrator:

I also got the same error (Error initilizing TecSDK Failed to create instance of Tet extension) while trying to load the Tobii Showcase.

I simply needed to plug the device in and run through the initial profile setup first, then it worked.

I didn’t do that at first though, because most similar things prompt you when it’s the right time to plug the device in; often you are warned not to plug them in too early, before you have the drivers installed properly.

And the error message is far from user-friendly! (How about just saying, please plug it in?)


Hi Peter,
I totally agree that the error message needs to be improved. I’ll see what we can do. Thanks for pointing it out.



I bumped into the same error message:

Error initilizing TecSDK Failed to create instance of Tet extension

However, I cannot see where I can do the initial profile set up. There is no information or guidance at all. I am new to Tobii and your guidance will be appreciated. There isn’t much support out there for this particular error at all.


I have just installed EyeX. When the application tries to launch, I am greeted with the following message:

“Tobii EyeX Engine crashed with the folowing exception: Could not collect system information: Not found.”

Before launching eyeX, I made sure that the device was connected to my computer. I disconnected and connected it again before my second attempt but this did not work either.

Does this thing actually work? Why is the installation process so complicated and flimsy? Is this work in progress or an actual product I can use? Very frustrating indeed…


It seems Tobi RX does not work with the EyeX SDK at all. When I saw the following information, I was hopeful but unfortunately it is not applicable.

“In order to use the EyeX Engine with a Tobii REX eye tracker you need to install REX device drivers.”

I will try the Gaze SDK to see if that works with the Tobii REX. If it does not, I will start looking for a more reliable alternative product from another vendor.

Grant [Tobii]

Hi @cryptoman,

The Tobii EyeX SDK is designed to work only with the Tobii EyeX Tracker.. however the Gaze SDK will indeed work with the REX Tracker

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