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    I want to use shortcut key to turn off/on the eye-tracking(red led and infrared).
    It is same meaning to turn off/on from task tray button(do not stop net tobii service).
    I read old forums, but i could not find…
    Please let me know shortcut key or APIs to turn off.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @kouji and thanks for your query.

    I am afraid for the time being, we do not have a global shortcut key for enabling/disabling the Tobii Eye Tracking Service, but I have added your voice to the feature request.

    There are available certain workarounds to doing this via 3rd party tools like Autohotkey to enable/disable the Tobii Eye Tracking Windows Service but that is not a procedure we can officially recommend. Apologies for the inconvenience.


    Hi Grant.

    Ok, I am wait for shortcut key functions.:)
    If you know the way that turn on/off tobii tracing windows service, please let me know.
    I tried “off to on tobii net service” , but it was spends 2-3secounds time lag.
    I want to switch tobii tracing on to off lag less than 1 secounds, such a task tray switch.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @kouji, ahh ok yes there will always be that lag using that particular workaround, so indeed I am afraid you will need to wait for something as fast.

    Another possible solution you might use is using a mouse recording macro which will simulate a mouse action, such as right clicking icon, then navigating to turn off/on eye tracker and binding this to a shortcut key. Would only work if the system tray icon is always in the same location, but worth a shot.

    Tom Gunston


    Bump for enable/disable hotkey(unless already done in which case can you let me know?), and also hotkey option for gaze trace show/hide and ‘warp when moving pointer towards’ checkbox if you can. Hotkey options for everything is a good thing.

    I have limtied hand function but use a PC all the time. I use voiceattack, dragon and tobii. VA scripts best, dragon has good dictation and a lot of default functions that I might not be bothered to script in VA, and Tobii gives me a mouse. Hot keys are critical when trying to integrate hands off systenm control.

    Examples: If I am scripting a specific mouse move/click combination with VA then I don’t want Tobii interfering. Or I might want gaze trace out of the way when dictating. A few seconds later I might want Tobii back in action with gaze trace back on. Gaze trace is good for improving the accuracy of the mouse targetting, coupled with footswitches mapped to ‘jump to location’ and to each mouse button.

    Macro to toolbar location is impractical as the right click options for tobii are open/quit with no disable. This is also impossible if running something full screen, and the Windows toolbar changes if I add/remove software so the macro has to be reset.



    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @tomg, thanks for getting in touch, I will add your voice for this feature request and liase with the developers.

    Unfortunately for the time being, if the toolbar icon solution is not viable, you may need to go via the route of disabling/enabling the Tobii Services via a script such as Autohotkey (some further details above). This however is not a recommended procedure as we have not tested the impact of frequent service status shifts but never the less may provide you with a workaround you need.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Louie Dobson

    Facing the same issue. Have you got your solution yet?

    Grant [Tobii]

    H @louiedobson, thanks for your query. Sorry to say, but for the time being, the only solutions are to use the workaround as specified above. Did you already give them a try? please let us know how you get on.


    Hi, is there any possibility you will add this shortcut?

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @gedzio thanks for your query. I will contact the developers to see if we can assign resources to this feature request. Thanks for your patience.

    Maciej Weber

    Its 2021. Has this been finally resolved after 2years and 6 months from the initial request?!

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @4don, sorry for the inconvenience, but the workaround remains the same as specified above as the feature to stop the Tobii Service is not one that the development team wish to implement I am afraid. One of the main reasons user had in wishing for this feature was that they found the LED distracting on the Tobii and so in our latest product the ET5 we have endeavoured to reduce their visible illumination as much as possible.


    I really hope the development team adds the features described above by others. Having cooked in hotkeys would be so incredibly helpful and just another great feature to promote for ease of use for all of the Tobii eye tracking products. Reducing the LED visibility is a nice improvement. However that is separate from wanting to suspend or turn off the Tobii device via a hotkey that we can bind to any key. Even stranger, is the ET5 will auto-suspend itself when no eye is detected, so the feature is there. But in this example serves, again, a different purpose to detect when the user is or is not at their computer. Hotkey could just, disable both the Tobii & the eye detection until toggled back on.

    Again, I hope this is revisited and implemented.

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