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    Rey Samonte

    I sent this message to support yesterday:

    I have a Unity project that uses multiple cameras and multiple canvases for displaying various UI screens. Each camera is set up for different displays (three total) on the machine. For example, I have cameras set up for a heads up display, instrument panel, and a center panel. Each camera has a tag “MainCamera”.

    I am able to get EyeX to work properly for the center panel. The way I’ve set it up is using the set up tool to select my display and align the EyeX device to it. Then I re-calibrate the EyeX. When I run my Unity project, any UI item in the center panel is detected.

    However, switching the EyeX for the instrument panel doesn’t seem to work properly. I go through the same steps of switching displays with the EyeX tool and then re-calibrating for the instrument panel screen. I’m able to do that successfully. However, when I run my Unity project, EyeX still seems to only work in the center panel and not in the instrument panel. I was wondering if this is because EyeX is finding the first camera tagged “MainCamera” which happens to be on the center display?


    One of the solutions was to change the camera tags for each camera prior to initializing EyeX. That seemed to fix it when I run the project within the Unity Editor but doesn’t work when I run from an executable.

    Anyone else come across this problem?

    Alex [Tobii]


    Sorry, looks like the topic was dead for a while. Could you please try to describe your problem once again? Do you use multiple trackers? Unfortunately that’s not yet supported. If you are are talking about GazeAware components in Unity then try checking Eyetracking.SetCurrentUserViewPointCamera() to set the camera that is used for EyeTracking.GetFocusedObject() API.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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