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    I am using the Gaze Engine WinFormsSample 64-bit version on a Surface Pro 3 with the Tobii EyeX. And get an error (listed below). The system is 64-bit and has Windows 8.1 Pro install. Surprising running the 32-bit version of WinFormsSample runs fine with a red dot moving around following my gaze.

    Here is the error (I typed it from Surface Screen -> may have typos):

    System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load Dll ‘TobiiGazeCore64.dll’: The
    specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
    Ptr url, UInt32 urlSize, UInt32& errorCode)
    at Tobii.Gaze.Core.EyeTrackerCoreLibrary.GetConnectedEyeTracker()
    at WinFormsSample.EyeTrackingEngine.InitializeEyeTrackerAndRunEventLoop()
    eTrackingEngine.cs:line 154
    at WinsFormsSample.EyeTrackingEngine.Initialize() in
    eTrackingEngine.cs:line 117
    at WinFormsSample.WinFormsSample..ctor(EyeTrackingEngine
    at WinFormsSample.Program.Main() in
    ogram.cs:line 28

    Jenny [Tobii]


    Is the Solution Platform set to x64 when this error occurs?

    Could you try with the latest Gaze SDK version (TobiiGazeSdk-DotNetApi- and see if the problem persists?


    Yes, the Visual Studio solution is set for X64. And this 64-bit does work on my programming pc and 2 other pcs. It does not work on the Surface 3 Pro. And also does not work on a Surface Pro 2.

    I just today downloaded the latest Gaze SDK version (TobiiGazeSdk-DotNetApi- [Nice if didn’t have to go thru a form submission to find out if the Gaze SDK has be updated]. Same result with same error as above. The 64-bit works on my programming pc and another pc – but does not work on the Surface Pro 3.

    So I coding away using the 32-bit version which does work on the Surface Pro 3. Do you know where I could get a shorter USB-3 cable for the EyeX? The Surface really doesn’t need such a big cable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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