The Tobii Core SDK provides you with  APIs and frameworks to build gaze interaction applications enhanced with the knowledge of the user’s gaze and attention. Create more intuitive natural user interfaces, deeper immersion, next level experiences, or something never seen before!

Analytical Use

Tobii’s consumer eye trackers are primarily intended for personal interaction use and not for analytical purposes. Any application that stores or transfers eye tracking data must have a special license from Tobii.

Key features and functionality

  • APIs with access to:
    • Streams and functions that enable you to build gaze interaction applications with eye tracking as input, such as Gaze Position, Eye Position, Head Position (6dof), Calibration, Settings & Profiles etc.
    • Interaction API that provides additional tools that enable you to quickly and easily build applications with sophisticated gaze interaction components, such as WPF integration.
  • Libraries, Drivers and Language Bindings
  • Example code
  • Documentation