Tobii Unity SDK for Desktop provides you the ability to implement eye-tracking features in Unity games and applications! It includes a range of sample scripts for common eye tracking features, including Extended View, Clean UI, Aim at Gaze, Object Selection, Gaze Awareness, Bungee Zoom and more. Tobii Unity SDK for Desktop is a part of Tobii Gaming SDK. Why not start by taking a 2 minuter video introduction to eye tracking in Unity.

Getting started

Adding eye tracking to your project has never been easier! The following resources together with the Tobii Unity SDK for Desktop (download button below) will get you started in no time.

  • For inspiration and exploration be sure to visit for the latest and the greatest of eye tracking in gaming. We currently support +130 titles with eye tracking, whereof many titles are based on the Unity Engine and our Unity SDK. Chances are that your favorite game already has built-in support for eye tracking.
  • The API Reference (menu to your left) is a great resource to understand eye tracking, different eye tracking powered features as well as tips and tricks. Be sure to explore these documents to find user manuals, scripting APIs, Design Guidelines, troubleshooting and more. Its a great resource to get started.

Operating System and Language Binding support

Operating System Windows MacOS Linux
OS versions Win7, Win8, Win10 n/a n/a
Language bindings C#
API functionality Eye tracking, head tracking, object selection




Download the latest version of the Tobii Unity SDK for Desktop from Github. 

Analytical Use

Tobii’s consumer eye trackers are primarily intended for personal interaction use and not for analytical purposes. Any application that stores or transfers eye tracking data must have a special license from Tobii.

Are you developing for Tobii Pro Eye Trackers/VR?

If you have a Tobii Pro Eye Tracker or Tobii Pro VR Integration and want to develop with Unity.