The Tobii Unreal Engine SDK provides the ability to implement eye tracking enabled features and interactions in Unreal Engine games and applications. It allows you to create amazing gaze-enabled games and responsive design with the power of eye tracking in both PC and VR experiences. The SDK includes a range of sample scripts for common eye tracking features, including Extended View, Clean UI, Aim at Gaze, Fira at Gaze, Object Selection and CleanUI.

This is a beta release of the SDK, meaning that there might still be some undesired behaviors that we need to fix, and we lack in documentation. In this we ask for your patience and your feedback. We are working to improve!

Getting started

Adding eye tracking to your Unreal project has never been easier. Please use the following resources to get inspired and to get started.

  • For inspiration and exploration be sure to visit for the latest and the greatest of eye tracking in gaming. Maybe your favorite game already got support for eye tracking.
  • We recommend browsing our Unity SDK’s API Reference to get get a better understanding of eye tracking, explore various eye tracking powered features, design guidelines and troubleshooting. Much of this information applies as well to our Unreal Engine 4 SDK.
  • Currently we are low on online documentation and API references for the Unreal Engine 4 SDK but we urge you to dive into the SDK Samples that are included in the SDK. We believe that you will find this to be the fastest and most fun way to get to understand eye tracking and what it can do for your game or application.
  • Be sure to check out GTOM, or Gaze To Object Mapping, a super-useful tool to let you determine what object the user is looking at. This is an important component that our features are based on. We are convinced that this will be a great starting point for you to develop you own awesome gaze-activated interactions and tools.

Technical information

Desktop Capabilities:
• Eye tracking signals and connection logic
• Gaze To Object Mapping (GTOM)
• Eye tracking Aim at Gaze
• Eye tracking Fire at Gaze
• Eye tracking CleanUI
• Eye tracking Interact at Gaze

VR Capabilities (available from 4.21):
• Eye tracking signals and connection logic
• Gaze To Object Mapping (GTOM)

Code Modules:
• TobiiCore
• TobiiEngineStage
• TobiiGazeTracker
• TobiiGTOM
• TobiiInteractions
• TobiiSampleCode

Operating System

Supported Development Platforms Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Supported Target Build Platform Windows32/64


Get a question or idea that you want to discuss? Please reach out to us on the Tobii’s discord channel. We’re always happy to help.



Unreal Engine Version Capabilities Download link
4.20 Desktop only
4.21 Desktop + VR


Analytical Use

Tobii’s consumer eye trackers are primarily intended for personal interaction use and not for analytical purposes. Any application that stores or transfers eye tracking data must have a special license from Tobii.

Are you developing for Tobii Pro Eye Trackers/VR?

If you have a Tobii Pro Eye Tracker or Tobii Pro VR Integration and want to develop with Unity.