Today we released Tobii EyeX 1.1.0 and the accompanying EyeX SDK 1.2. Update now to get the latest and greatest Tobii Eye Experience!

Some new features in EyeX 1.1.0:

  • EyeX Engine API: Launch Configuration Tool. Using this API function a number of configuration tools otherwise available from the Eye Tracker Settings panel are now available programmatically. For example you can launch Recalibration, or the Test Eye Tracking tool from you application or game.
  • Eye Tracker Settings panel: Diagnostics guide. Found on the About page this guide is a starting point for users that experience problems with the eye tracking system.
  • EyeX Interaction (Alpha): Stay awake. Keeps your screen from turning off as long as you are being tracked. No more screen saver disruptions while reading a long text or admiring some artwork or favourite PowerPoint slide on the screen.
  • EyeX Interaction (Alpha): Dim screen. Dims your tracked screen when you are not looking at it. (Off by default).

This new EyeX release will be made available on the auto-update server later this week.

Some new features in EyeX SDK 1.2:

  • New EyeX Engine API function: Get EyeX Availability. Check whether the EyeX Engine is available and if it is running.
  • Unity and .NET SDK’s: Added support in EyeXHost for launching recalibration and calibration testing. (Requires EyeX Engine 1.1.0)

Download the latest releases and let us know what you think.