This information is relevant if you are using the Tobii EyeX Engine with a Tobii REX eye tracker.

We are launching the 0.8.17 version of the EyeX Engine today. If you are using a Tobii REX eye tracker with USB-HID firmware, you must upgrade the eye tracker firmware to version 1.2.1 to be able to use EyeX Engine 0.8.17 and subsequent versions. Please follow these steps.

  1. Download REX firmware 1.2.1 – for USB-HID and save as a tobiipkg file.
  2. Open the EyeX Settings panel and select “Upgrade Firmware” in the About tab.
  3. Select the tobiipkg file you have downloaded and press Ok.
  4. Wait for the firmware upgrade to complete.

After completing the firmware upgrade, you are ready to install EyeX Engine 0.8.17 and enjoy the bug fixes and improvements of the new version.