We’re happy to announce that a new EyeX Installer Bundle is available for download from the Tobii Developer Zone. The bundle includes a new EyeX Engine, version 1.5.0.

With this EyeX Engine release, we have better Windows 10 support. Some of you may have tried installing the previous EyeX Engine version on Windows 10. It worked to some extent out-of-the-box, but there were a number of special cases that needed handling for things to work as expected. Some of those issues have now been fixed.

This new EyeX Engine version also includes a change to how calibration profiles are activated: they are now tied to the Windows user account. This means that the correct EyeX calibration profile will be automatically selected depending on the user that logs on.

The new Engine version has been tested with a number of the third-party software that we know of, and it isn’t expected to bring any compatibility issues. We will have it available on the Developer Zone for at least three weeks before starting the auto-update process, in order to give all third-party developers enough time to test their games and apps with it.

Included in this bundle is also a new EyeX Controller firmware 1.8.

Download the latest releases.