Jenny and I visited the technology consulting company Avanade in Stockholm today. They have arranged a series of innovation days with NUI theme, and this time it was time for them to try out eye tracking and see what they could accomplish with the EyeX SDK.

Avanade consultants learning about eye tracking and Tobii EyeX

After an introduction to eye tracking technology and the EyeX concepts, their team of UX experts and developers had a brainstorming session and decided to create a small Spotify widget, where music playback could be controlled by looking at an icon and pressing a keyboard key.

Brainstorming eye tracking ideas and trying out the EyeX SDK

One developer also had a Leap Motion sensor and used finger gestures to play/pause, change track and control the volume. This is the resulting demo video.

(Problem viewing the video? Try this link.)

All in all, we had a great day at Avanade. It was awesome to see how the technology was perceived and how easy it was to get some quick result by using the EyeX SDK.