Hello World! Behold the Tobii Developer Zone. Here you will be able to get all you need to build your EyeX application or game.

Below is an overview of how you can utilize the Tobii Developer Zone to become a master of eye-gaze based application development:

  • Download the EyeX SDK and related tools to get you started quickly.
  • Read the Documentation to get an understanding of the basics and browse through articles and tutorials.
  • Be active in the Community to get development guidance, add feature requests or show off your work.
  • Follow the Developer Blog for development articles and to get the latest product updates and news from the community.
  • Contact us if you want to discuss partnerships or have questions about your order or other non-development topics.

We will maintain and expand the Developer Zone with more features and content as the SDK offering and developer community grows. Please let us know what you would like to see in future versions of this website.