We are pleased to announce the release of a new EyeX SDK 1.5 together with a new EyeX Engine 1.4.0. The new SDK has support for new features from both EyeX Engine 1.3.0 and 1.4.0.

EyeX Engine 1.4.0 API features in the SDK:

  • Extended usability of the User Presence state: the user is now detected as present in more cases than before. The user’s eyes do not have to be open.
  • A new state Gaze Tracking indicates whether the eye tracking system can currently track where the user is looking or not. (This new state has the same behavior as the User Presence state had before).

EyeX Engine 1.3.0 API features in the SDK:

  • List user profiles programmatically
  • Change user profile programmatically

Changes to state paths: A number of state paths have been deprecated and replaced with new state paths, please check out the revision log in Readme.txt included in the SDK package for further details.

The new EyeX Installer Bundle 1.5.1 includes the following new releases: EyeX Engine 1.4.0, EyeX Controller firmware 1.6.0, and EyeX Interaction software 1.5.1.

You can find and download the latest releases on the Downloads page.