If you have a Tobii REX Eye tracker and want to run it on Linux or Android, check out the new tools published on the Tobii REX Development Kit page.

On Linux and Android only the low-level Gaze SDK is supported and you need to use a command line tool to setup the screen and change firmware of the eye tracker. We will also merge this information to the download page soon.

Tux   Android Robot

Also note that the new versions of the Gaze SDK does not include the Tobii.Gaze.Config.dll file. To get the connected eye tracker, please use the following method.

IEyeTracker _eyeTracker;
_eyeTracker = new EyeTracker(new EyeTrackerCoreLibrary().GetConnectedEyeTracker());

Everything else that the Tobii.Gaze.Config.dll file handled before, like screen setup or firmware updates, is now handled by the Tobii EyeX Engine (for Windows) or command-line tools (for Linux and Android). Check out the new downloads on  the Tobii REX Development Kit page.