• EDIT March 1, 2017: The Tobii Gaze SDK is no longer available.

We’re happy to announce that a new version of the Tobii Gaze SDK is released today, with C API version 4.1.0, .NET API version 2.1.0 and Java API for Android version 1.0.0.

The Tobii Gaze SDK is the low-level SDK used for embedded and single-application environments. Together with a Tobii REX eye tracker it works on Linux and Android platforms.

Changes and news in this release:

  • The biggest news in this release is that the C API now has support for USB-HID devices also on Linux and Android (previously only on Windows).
  • The second big news is that there is now a Gaze SDK Java API for Android, compatible with Android Studio, and complete with a sample that shows you how to use the API from a standard Android app.
  • A new API function get connected eye trackers enumerates all connected eye trackers. Use this instead of the now deprecated list usb eye trackers function which only list USB-HID trackers.
  • Changed URL scheme for USB-HID devices from ‘tet-usb’ to ‘tobii-ttp’. Please update any hard coded URL:s to this new scheme.
  • Stability improvements to the fwupgrade tool.

Together with this SDK release we are releasing a new Tobii REX firmware for USB-HID and for the first time also USB-HID device drivers for Linux and Android. This is a milestone for the Tobii REX eye tracker where the same USB-HID firmware now works on all supported platforms: Windows, Linux and Android. For the Android platform this is a big improvement since the Tobii REX tracker now works without any need for rooting the device, it is accessed through the USB host API. The only constrain is on the Android device side: it needs to support the USB host mode, which is true for almost all Android devices on the market.

We strongly encourage everybody with a Tobii REX device with USB-TCP/IP firmware to change to the new USB-HID firmware. This is a firmware with lots of improvements compared to the 1.0.5 USB-TCP/IP firmware which is almost two years old. You can read more about changing Tobii REX firmware on this page.

Fill out this form to access the download links for the Tobii Gaze SDK.
The Tobii REX firmware and USB-HID device drivers can be found on the Downloads page.

  • EDIT July 1, 2015: Corrected info regarding Android platform USB support for the Tobii REX device.