Version 0.10.0 of the Tobii EyeX Engine is now available for download! The new version brings several stability and usability improvements. The eye tracking performance will also be improved thanks to a firmware update (1.0.1) included with the release. Please restart the computer after installing.

When upgrading to the new EyeX Engine, developers will also need to upgrade to the companion SDK version 0.31. This should not be a big feat since the API has changed only very slightly between the versions. Be advised that older EyeX Engine versions are now deprecated and will no longer be maintained.

The new version will not be released to users via auto update until September 15th in order to give third party developers some time to update their applications.

EyeX Interaction software

The EyeX Engine download is bundled with a pre-release of the EyeX Interaction software, which gives you a taste of how eye tracking can enhance the user experience. When you start EyeX for the first time you will be guided though a tutorial introducing you to different interaction concepts.

Download the latest EyeX Engine and EyeX SDK