Today we are releasing a number of improvements to the Tobii EyeX SDK for Unity, to make it faster to get started and easier to integrate Tobii EyeX functionality into an existing Unity game.

  • The EyeX Framework is distributed as a .unityPackage file, for easier import into existing games.
  • The most common API functions are encapsulated as Unity components that can be attached to an existing game object.
  • The EyeX Framework contains a new editor script for automatic deployment of EyeX client library files.

There is also a new Spotlight demo scene, which demonstrates how to combine the components for gaze point data with the one for user presence to “shine a light” on what the user is looking at.
The EyeX SDK packages for C/C++ and .NET have also been updated to 1.1. However, they do not contain any radical changes.
Download the latest EyeX SDK and let us know what you think.