This demo application demonstrates some basic eye tracking interaction possibilities. You can test:

  • Selecting objects with just your eyes.
  • Zooming and panning with your eyes and/or your head movement.
  • Knowing when you have looked at all areas of the screen.
  • Stopping an action when you are distracted and do not pay attention to a certain area of the screen.

The demo can give you a glimpse of what you could achieve with eye tracking in your application.



This is the first screen. From here you can start by continuously looking at the begin button.

Demo start screen


Here you can use your eyes to select different images to get a larger view of the selected image.

Demo scene with image thumbnails and a large image

You can continuously look at the Back or Next button to change demo scene.


Here you can use your eyes to switch to the next or the previous image in the carousel by looking at the desired image.

Demo scene with a carousel of images


Here you can get a visualization of what areas you have looked at in the image.

Demo scene with an X-Ray scenario


Here you can zoom and pan the image with the help of your gaze position.

Demo scene with a map

Look at the map and press a button, or use the scroll wheel, to zoom in towards that location. When you are zoomed in you can look at the sides to pan the map in that direction.

Zoom with head movement

Here you can test to interact with the help of the combination of head position data and gaze position data. When you lean forward you will zoom in where you are looking, when you lean backward you will zoom out. When you are zoomed in you can look at the sides to pan the map in that direction.

Demo scene with medical X-Ray images

Tip! Don’t move your head too fast.

Distraction detection

Here you can test the presence detection with the eye tracker. If you do not look at the drill it will stop moving. When you look at the drill it will start moving again.

Demo scene with a drill in a watermelon


This is the final screen. From here you can reach our contact page, feedback page or restart the demo.

Demo end screen

Trigger any button by continuously looking at it.