Needless to say we are pretty excited about this and finally able to share the news that the new release of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Rogue will feature eye tracking integration. This makes it the world’s first AAA game to incorporate eye tracking as a component of gameplay.  Packaged with SteelSeries Sentry – the world’s first gaming […]

In the Tobii EyeX SDK för .NET we have done a number of improvements: The framework for engine states has been simplified. There is a new Windows Forms sample for the user presence state. (see screenshot below) There is a bug fix in EyeXFramework.Wpf to avoid invalid cast exceptions. Please download the latest Tobii EyeX SDK […]

The EyeX Controller

This post gives some guidelines on how the Tobii eye trackers should be mounted for good tracking performance. The user’s eyes must be within the track box. The track box is the volume in which the eye tracker is theoretically able to track the user’s eyes. The user may move her head freely and still […]

In the EyeX SDK for C/C++ version 0.23 we have improved the readability of the API header files by expanding some of the macros. For example, if you are looking for txCreateInteractorBehavior, now you can actually find it! Please download the latest Tobii EyeX SDK for C/C++ and let us know what you think.