We’re today releasing a updated version of EyeX for you to download. The focus for this release is improvements in stability for the EyeX Controller on Windows 10 and a few bugfixes for the touch pad funcationality in EyeX Interaction. We encourage you to update to this version to get the best experience, especially if you have noticed […]

We’re happy to announce that a new EyeX Installer Bundle is available for download from the Tobii Developer Zone. The bundle includes a new EyeX Engine, version 1.5.0. With this EyeX Engine release, we have better Windows 10 support. Some of you may have tried installing the previous EyeX Engine version on Windows 10. It […]

We are pleased to announce the release of a new EyeX SDK 1.5 together with a new EyeX Engine 1.4.0. The new SDK has support for new features from both EyeX Engine 1.3.0 and 1.4.0. EyeX Engine 1.4.0 API features in the SDK: Extended usability of the User Presence state: the user is now detected […]

Today we are proud to present a new version of the Tobii EyeX SDK with a number of improvements. EyeX SDK for Unity: Fixed data stream coordinate offset in Unity 4.6. Modified EyePosition demo to reduce flickering. Modified Calibration demo so the game regains focus after calibration has been finished. EyeX SDK for .NET: Added […]

Today we released Tobii EyeX 1.1.0 and the accompanying EyeX SDK 1.2. Update now to get the latest and greatest Tobii Eye Experience! Some new features in EyeX 1.1.0: EyeX Engine API: Launch Configuration Tool. Using this API function a number of configuration tools otherwise available from the Eye Tracker Settings panel are now available […]

We’re happy to announce the release of the EyeX SDK 0.32 available for download now! The big news this time is that the client libraries in this SDK package will be compatible with the upcoming EyeX Engine 1.0 release. So if you upgrade now, you will stay clear of compatibility problems for a long time […]