theHunter: Primal screenshot of landscape scene

Today marks the official release of theHunter: Primal – a massive Jurassic hunting/survival game where you are both predator and prey to some of the deadliest beasts ever. Not only is theHunter: Primal a very cool spin-off of the widely popular theHunter series with over 4.5M players: in addition to letting you go eye to eye with a Tyrannosaurus Rex, we’ve partnered with the developers at Avalanche and Expansive Worlds to bring the Infinite Screen experience to the game.

Technically, the Infinite Screen uses eye-tracking to orient the game’s scene camera based on where the gamer is looking. For example, as the gamer looks to the left, the game auto-pans intuitively to the left in harmony with the gamer. In a world with exploration (and survival) at its core, this addition takes gamer immersion to new levels.

The Infinite Screen is just one of the implementations which can be used to make games more immersive, its equally immersive counterparts include Multidimensional Movement, Response to Eye Contact, and Immersive Graphics and Sound.

What EyeX immersion will you implement in your game?