Today we announce an updated version of Tobii Eye Tracking including support for our new IS4 peripheral.

We recommend all customers to update to the new release. This is especially true for customers with IS4 development kits, since the new firmware included contains numerous improvements.

New features:

  • New IS4 firmware 1.10.0.
  • Tobii Software installer is now a single entry under Add/Remove programs.


  • Change guest calibration shortcut key is now CTRL + SHIFT + F10.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue when switching to IS3 after doing install with IS4 on Win 8.1 64-bit computer results in “No eye tracker connected”.
  • Fixed issue related to EyeX occasionally being stuck in connecting state after startup.
  • Fixed issue where using multiple displays and switching primary screen in Windows could cause interactors to stop working.
  • Fixed tracking when changing tracked screen.
  • “Connecting” caption in the tray now displays correctly.
  • “No eye tracker connected” caption is no longer shown when eye tracker is connected.
  • Fixed issue related to Windows switching via Alt + Tab.
  • Fixed gaze overlay scaling issue.

Go ahead and download the latest release on the downloads page.

NOTE: This release is not compatible with Tobii REX. See support article