We are getting closer to the public release of the EyeX software package and today we are launching an updated version for developers, Tobii EyeX Engine Developer Preview 0.8.11, together with compatible SDK packages for C/C++ and Unity.

If you have built an app or a game using the EyeX Engine Developer Preview 0.8.3, we recommend that you download the new EyeX Engine preview, update your client libraries and adapt your code for the updated API. From now on the EyeX Engine Developer Preview 0.8.3 is deprecated and will no longer be maintained. There are a number of breaking changes to the API (see readme file for each SDK package) but it is worth the effort to get all the benefits in the new release.

As the API is stabilizing, we have begun putting all the documentation in place. Full API reference and updated Developer’s Guides will be published in the coming weeks. As we still expect some necessary changes to the API before we deliver the 1.0 release, be sure to check back on the Tobii Developer Zone for updated releases of Tobii EyeX Engine, EyeX SDK packages and related documentation.

Below is a summary of all the changes between 0.8.3 and 0.8.11. If you have any questions or get any unexpected compile errors with the new client libraries, please let us know! And remember that the forums on the Tobii Developer Zone might already hold the answer to your question.

New EyeX Engine runtime features

  • Compatibility with the EyeX Controller device (Shipping later this spring).
  • Major performance improvements in terms of CPU load and memory usage.
  • Possibility to set hotkeys for activation and scroll/pan in the EyeX Settings Panel.
  • Improved workflow for calibration and screen setup.
  • Bug fixes concerning duplicated screens in the screen setup.
  • Visual feedback when no interactor is hit with activate/scroll/pan.
  • Visual feedback if the user tries to perform an action while there is no tracking available.
  • Panning behavior.
  • Interactors with any shape can now be defined by using masks.
  • Gaze-aware interactors with inertia can now be defined using delayed gaze-aware mode.
  • Possibility to trigger actions (activation/panning/zooming) through the API.
  • Presence and Action data information accessible through the API.
  • Improvements to API documentation.

New EyeX Engine API features

More details regarding API changes can be found in the readme file for each SDK package, and in the respective news posts.

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Get the latest version of EyeX Engine and EyeX SDK on the download page.