We’re happy to announce that a new version of the Tobii EyeX SDK is released today. The new version includes code samples and documentation for the Pannable behavior for Unity and .NET, which means that you can now add gaze panning to your Unity and .NET games/apps with a minimum of effort.

The new version also solves some issues on Unity 5. Contrary to earlier versions, the Unity 5 editor is a 64-bit application, and therefore requires 64-bit EyeX libraries. The new SDK release includes installation scripts which make sure that the right libraries are copied to the right places when the project is loaded.

And last but not least, the EyeX SDK for .NET now includes the EyeX Framework assembly as a pre-built binary, if you prefer not to build it yourself.

The new SDK is compatible with all EyeX Engine versions since 1.0, but it should be noted that not all API functions are available in all Engine versions.

We also want to announce that a new version of the EyeX Engine, version 1.3, will soon be available for download from the Tobii Developer Zone. The new Engine version brings several new API functions related to user profile management, for example the function to enumerate all available user profiles and to switch between profiles.

The new Engine version has been tested with all third-party software that we know of, and it isn’t expected to bring any compatibility issues. We will make it available on the Developer Zone for at least three weeks before starting the auto-update process, anyway, in order to give all third-party developers the time to test their games and apps with it.

Download the latest releases.