The Tobii EyeX SDK for Unity version 0.20 is an updated package for Tobii EyeX Engine Developer Preview 0.8.11:

  • Client libraries updated with some breaking API changes (see below).
  • All samples are updated to the new client DLLs.
  • The Unity GazeAware3DScene now demonstrates how to define non-rectangular interactors by using weighted stencil masks.
  • The Unity GazeAware3DScene and the Mono GazeAwarePanels sample now demonstrates how to define an interactor with inertia by using GazeAwareMode.Delayed.
  • The Developer’s Guide is updated.

EyeX Engine API changes:

  • New helper methods to define behaviors on the Interactor class: SetGazeAwareBehavior, SetGazePointDataBehavior and SetFixationDataBehavior.
  • All *Settings methods have been renamed to *State, e.g., Context.GetState.
  • The callback signature for asynchronous operations such as Context.GetStateAsync, Context.SetStateAsync, Snapshot.CommitAsync has been changed. All asynchronous operations of a request-reply nature now use a unified signature.
  • The former Interactor.SetZ() method is now a property: Interactor.Z.

Get the latest version of EyeX Engine and EyeX SDK on the Downloads page.