We are back after the summer vacations and today we are proud to present an updated version of the EyeX SDK for Unity. After listening to feedback from some experienced Unity developers, we have taken a few steps to make the EyeX framework easier to use.

  • The folder structure of the sample project has been changed to resemble most projects on the Unity Asset Store.
  • It is now possible to override the GetProjectedRect() and GetBounds() methods on the EyeXGameObjectInteractorBase class.
  • The EyeX Engine coordinates are now converted correctly when running in windowed fullscreen mode (new from Unity 4.5)
  • There are four new properties on the EyeXHost class that lets you access EyeX Engine states: User presence, eye tracking connection state, screen bounds and display size in millimeters for the screen where the eye tracker is mounted.
  • There are two additional scenes to demonstrate the gaze position in 3D space and the user presence state, see screenshots below.



Please download the latest Tobii EyeX SDK for Unity and let us know what you think.