Today we have started shipping the first batch of Tobii EyeX controllers. In conjunction with the release we are also providing the first developer preview of EyeX for Windows, version 0.8.14. With this software, you will get a taste of how eye tracking technology can enhance the user experience. When you start EyeX for Windows for the first time you will be guided through a tutorial that introduces you to the different concepts that we call the Eye Experience. In this first release, only a limited number of applications are supported and many features are in early stages of development. We welcome your feedback to help make the product even better. Right-click the EyeX notification area icon and select “Send feedback” to provide your input.


As you might understand, this software is built upon the Tobii EyeX Engine 0.8.14, which is also included in the package. If you have built an app or a game using previous versions of the EyeX Engine Developer Preview, we recommend that you download the new EyeX for Windows preview together with the corresponding SDK packages, update your client libraries and adapt your code for the updated API. From now on the EyeX Engine Developer Preview 0.8.11 and earlier is deprecated and will no longer be maintained. There is a number of changes to the API (see readme file for each SDK package) but it is worth the effort to get all the benefits in the new release.

Get started with EyeX for Windows.

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