A new version of Tobii EyeX for Windows is now available on the update server and for manual download. It is based on the EyeX for Windows 0.8.14 and only contains bug fixes to prevent the EyeX Engine to crash for some users. There are no changes in the API since 0.8.14, so you can still use the EyeX SDK 0.21 and run applications based on 0.8.14.

If you already have installed a previous version of the EyeX Engine, we recommend to get the new release from the update server. Open the EyeX Settings panel from the Windows notification area.
EyeX Settings in the notification area

The EyeX Settings application will auto-detect that an update is available. You can also go to the About tab and select Check for Updates.
Check For Updates

If you want to do the upgrade manually, you can download the new release here on the Tobii Developer Zone. Note that you might need to uninstall all your previous Tobii programs to succeed with the update.