A new version of the Tobii EyeX Engine is now available for manual download. The new version is API compatible with the previous version, so you do not need to update any SDKs or applications — although it’s of course recommended to always use the latest SDK release.

The new version solves a number of stability and performance issues. It also makes a more clear separation between the EyeX Engine and the EyeX for Windows components, and makes some changes with regards to how the components are launched.

To upgrade manually, you can download the new release here on the Tobii Developer Zone. Note that you might need to uninstall all your previous Tobii programs to succeed with the update.

If you have a REX unit, please read this post about REX firmware compatability with EyeX Engine 0.8.17. You may have to update to a newer firmware for your REX to work properly with the new EyeX Engine.