In the highly-anticipated, Tom Clancy’s The Division, we worked in collaboration with Ubisoft to bring gamers untapped powers through the magic of eye tracking.

These new capabilities include:

Enemy Tagging & Collaborative Targeting


The first feature of its kind. A player simply looks at an advisory to tag and track for other teammates. Simplifies communication with your team once an enemy is tagged. Collectively, you can all smoke ‘em.

Aim @ Gaze + Grenade @ Gaze


Press a button and take aim wherever you look on-screen. Look, center and let loose.

Cover @ Gaze


Find refuge in a fireflight by scanning your gaze across objects – highlighting ones you can hide behind.

Clean UI


Gives you access to vital info at a glance. Less on-screen distractions. More immersion into the game’s environment.

Infinite Screen


Look the edge of your screen and the game’s camera will pan across – giving you a wider field of view.

EyeX Marks the Spot

Enhancing the mega map’s ease of use by highlighting and selecting items just by looking at them.

These are merely a few of the new implements that marks the biggest game yet to be released with integrated eye tracking. See what else the magic of eye tracking can add to gaming experience. See more at