The Tobii Eye Tracking VR Devkit is available through a retrofitted HTC Vive and comes with the Tobii VR SDK, which provides access to the gaze signal and a calibration tool. You can also try different eye tracking interactions in our Mirrors demo.

Analytical Use

Your eye tracker is meant primarily for personal interaction use and not for analytical purposes. To safeguard your privacy and for commercial reasons, applications that store or transfer eye tracking data must have a special license.

Getting Started with the Unity VR SDK

  1. Download the Unity SDK:

    Download the Tobii VR SDK
  2. Import the SDK package into your Unity project
  3. Open the TobiiVR_Example scene in the UnityVRSDK/Extras folder
  4. Run the scene
  5. Adjust your headset according to the instructions and then press F4 to hide the instruction window
  6. Press F1 to calibrate
  7. Press F12 to toggle on the gaze ray to see the direction you’re looking in