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Tobii Dev Tools

This is a small collection of powerful tools to help developers quickly debug and test their eye tracking experiences from inside of their XR headset. This collection is curated, and is likely to change as we develop new and better tools for debugging.

Get Started With the Tobii Dev Tools

We ship our Tobii Dev Tools with the Tobii XR SDK for Unity. If that’s imported, you already have the dev tools. You can also import the Tobii Dev Tools sample from the package manager window to see how to the dev tools can be used in a scene. Below videos are from using the Tobii Dev Tools in the sample.

To use the in-game menu in your own scene, search for the prefab Tobii Dev Tools and add it to your scene. It will automatically find your main camera and attach a UI menu to it.

How to interact with the menu

Our entire menu uses eye gaze for highlighting, and the main trigger button for selection. So, when you play the scene, you’ll see a gear icon hovering at the bottom of the screen. You look at it and press the trigger button to open the menu. All buttons included are toggles that function the same way, and the percentile slider on the Gaze Modifier is a click-and-drag left and right interaction.

What’s included

A Gaze Visualizer

Enable a circle to visualize your gaze. Nice for checking calibration, watching your user’s gaze point during a test, or screen-grabbing to show attention during interaction.

G2OM Debugging View

See exactly what Tobii G2OM is seeing. Helps to solve unexpectedly troubled interactions.

No support for this option when using URP.

Gaze Modifier Control Interface

Stress-test your interactions. Make your gaze worse on purpose. Setting more than 95% is really really bad and should not be your “standard”. Make sure you read our page on Gaze Modifier for all the info.

If Gaze Modifier is not enabled, this section will be greyed out.