The EyeX Controller

This post gives some guidelines on how the Tobii eye trackers should be mounted for good tracking performance. The user’s eyes must be within the track box. The track box is the volume in which the eye tracker is theoretically able to track the user’s eyes. The user may move her head freely and still […]

This post is a walk-through of the C code sample MinimalGazeDataStream which can be found in the EyeX SDK for C/C++. In this walk-through, the code of MinimalGazeDataStream.c will be built up and explained incrementally, from a main function with a few lines of code to a functioning EyeX enabled console application. The walk-through will […]

This post describes some features of the EyeX Engine that were designed to make life easier for developers. Use them to test your application, hunt down that difficult coordinate mapping problem, or to gain some insights into how the engine works! Visualizing the gaze point Sometimes it can be useful to know the eye tracker’s […]

Tobii EyeX is a complete eye tracking solution that includes both hardware and software to create the Tobii Eye Experience: natural human-computer interactions using a combination of eye-gaze and other user input. The Tobii EyeX Controller is an eye tracking device that uses near-infrared light to track the eye movements and gaze point of a […]