At Tobii Gaming, our mission is to make it easy for you to enable eye tracking in games and applications, and to build amazing interactions and features around our technology. As such we offer  a native C++ API called Tobii Game Integration API as well as support for the two leading game engines, namely Unity and Unreal Engine.

Tobii Game Integration API is our native C++ API that boost the vast majority of our game integrations, including Assassins Creed Valhalla, Star Citizen, The Division 2 and MSFS2020. Additionally, we use Tobii Game Integration API in our companion app Tobii Game Hub as well as in our Unity and Unreal SDKs. The API provides stable connection, DPI handling, access to eye tracking and head tracking signals, as well as our signature feature 6DOF Extended View. The API comes with C# bindings. Due to its robustness and ease of use, we recommend to use Tobii Game Integration API in most game integration scenarios.

The Tobii Unity SDK  for Desktop provides a framework to quickly get on track with eye tracking in desktop gaming and applications. It includes a range of sample scripts, scenes, documentation, tips and tricks to help you to add eye tracking in your game.

The Tobii Unreal Engine 4 SDK (BETA) provides framework, samples and blueprints to enable Tobii Eye and Head Tracking in Unreal Engine 4. Our Unreal Engine SDK is in beta.