First things first. If you have not yet experienced eye tracking we highly recommend trying out our Concept Validation Tool that allows you to try eye tracking without writing a single line of code.

Platform Development Kit

Platform Development Kit (PDK) is designed for use in professional products. The PDK is the smallest component needed to communicate with Tobii Eye Trackers and gives full control over the installed software stack. All professional eye trackers come with its own PDK that has a small installation footprint, access to additional data streams and other adaptations needed for professional systems.

Tobii Stream Engine

Stream Engine is the lowest level eye tracking API supplied by Tobii and it is mainly intended for advanced users. Stream Engine provides low-level access to eye position, gaze point data, presence and head pose data streams.

Interaction Library

The Interaction Library is a lightweight library that makes it easy to use gaze for interaction. It also provides robust eye tracker connection management and easy access to standard data streams.

Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy

This policy applies to solutions that store or transfer Tobii eye tracking data, presence or position data, regardless of the purpose for the storing or transferring. End-users care about their data integrity and privacy. Therefore, as a vendor you must gain end-users’ trust regarding what you do with the end users’s eye tracking data. Being transparent is a good starting point in gaining trust and that is why we created the Tobii Eye Tracking Data Transparency policy.

Tobii’s Software Development License Model

There are three licensing types for developers using Tobii developer software and SDKs: A Getting Started development license, a Commercial development license and a Research development license.

Are you developing games?

Learn why eye tracking matters in gaming and how to design and develop eye tracking interactions in games. We support both Unity and Unreal Engine 4.