For commercial customers (such as game studios) we offer end-to-end developer support for our gaming APIs, game experience design and quality assurance – all part of the Commercial SDLA. We bundle this with marketing efforts and other benefits. To get onboarded, please refer to your Tobii representative.

For community users (using our APIs under Limited SDLA) we have our forum and Discord channel, but our ability to help beyond these resources is limited.


This forum is provided for users with consumer level of eye trackers (ET5, 4C) to respond to questions and issues related to the use of our Gaming APIs and SDKs. The forum is fairly low activity , but it contains useful legacy information. If you have a question, the following archives may be a good start: Unity SDK and Unreal Engine SDK.


Head over to the #sdk-dev-chat channel on Tobii Gaming Discord to meet other community members that use our APIs for development.