Tobii Platform Development Kit (PDK) is designed for use in professional products. The PDK is the smallest component needed to communicate with Tobii Eye Trackers and gives full control over the installed software stack. All professional eye trackers come with its own PDK that has a small installation footprint, access to additional data streams and other adaptations needed for professional systems.


Installation instructions are included in the README.MD


The figure illustrates a simplified overview of the Tobii hardware and software stack. This picture may look different depending on context.

Included with Tobii Eye Trackers designed for professional products, is the software package named the Tobii Platform Development Kit (PDK). The PDK is the smallest collection of software enabling communication between your application and the Tobii Eye Tracker. It has two main components, Tobii Runtime and Tobii Stream Engine.

The Tobii Runtime is a service that handles the connection to the device. Each Runtime is bound to a specific type of device and will not work or interfere with any other types of devices.

Tobii Stream Engine includes the low-level C-API and serves as the foundation for all software communicating with all kinds of Tobii Eye Trackers. The specific version of Stream Engine included in the PDK has been tested for that particular type of device. You can read more about Tobii Stream Engine here.

To get the most out of the Tobii Eye Tracker, please read about how eye tracking works here.

Frequently asked questions

How does Tobii Eye Tracker firmware upgrade work?

Each release of the Tobii Runtime includes a specific Eye Tracker firmware version. When the Runtime makes a connection to a device, the Runtime will check the firmware version of that device. If the firmware version differs, the Runtime will load its specific firmware onto the device.

I want to create my own calibration, do you have any guides?

Yes you can find one here (sign in required)

Can I continue using Tobii Pro SDK when scaling from research to product?

Yes, if you are using Eye Tracker 4L. It is however advisable to change the license model from using a per tracker license to an application license. The steps required to switch from per tracker license to application license are stated below.

  1. Go to
  2. Select your target (.NET, Python, etc)
  3. Select the SDK reference guide
  4. Navigate to “examples”
  5. Find the example that shows “Apply licenses” and follow the instructions

If you don’t have your application license, please Contact Tobii

Why would I switch from the Tobii Pro SDK?

If you require support for a platform that is not supported by the Tobii Pro SDK. Please note that Eye Tracker 5L and IS5 Evaluation Kits are not supported by Tobii Pro SDK.  See also the supported platforms & languages for Tobii Pro SDK You may instead find support for that platform through our Tobii Stream Engine API. For more information about available platforms Contact Tobii