How eye tracking adds to the game experience

With Tobii Eye Tracking the game knows where you look. This opens numerous ways to enhance the gameplay experience by controlling and perceiving the game world in radical different ways.

Eye tracking allows you to be included in the game in ways not experienced before. With Tobii Eye Tracking you can use your visual attention to not only experience the game world differently but also control the game. This will change the essence of meaningful play as suddenly what you look at matters to the game.

Based on our experience of working with eye tracking we have identified three reasons to play games with eye tracking: get in the game, interact naturally and level up your game interaction.


Get in the Game

When playing an immersive game, you will get an enhanced visual experience of the game world as the scenery changes to where you look. The light adapts to where your look, the UI is not rendered unless you have attention to it and you can rotate the main camera by simply looking at the edge of the screen.

Interact Naturally

When performing an action, you will get the result to more accurately reflect your intentions as you can use your eyes for selection. You can tag enemies by simply looking at them, pick up objects in the scene or select items from the in-game menu with your gaze. And the game can detect when you aren’t in front of the screen and pause.

The Division

Level up your Game Interaction

Your attention matters, where you look is relevant for the gameplay. You can plan a move with your avatar without using your regular controller, aim at targets that reflect your intentions. And NPC’s will respond to your attention and posture in ways that express fascinating embodied communication.

Dying Light

To date, Tobii Eye Tracking has been added to 160 game titles including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Star Citizen, Far Cry 6, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Maybe our technology already exist in your favorite game, check out our growing catalog on

Our journey to explore the potential of eye tracking gaming is not done. The full landscape of eye tracking in gaming is not discovered.

We would like to invite you to be part of this interaction revolution. To achieve memorable gameplay experiences reinforced by eye tracking.