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The Tobii Developer Zone is where you, as a developer, find SDK packages, tools, instructions, and documentation for developing applications based on Tobii Eye Tracking technologies.

Product Integration

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PC Gaming

Enhance your gaming experience.


Tobii Eye Tracking VR Devkit

Research Eye Trackers

Tobii Pro Spectrum, Tobii Pro Fusion, Tobii Pro Nano and Tobii Pro Glasses 3


Toolkit for the development of wearable analysis applications

Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy

This policy applies to solutions that store or transfer Tobii eye tracking data, presence or position data, regardless of the purpose for the storing or transferring. End-users care about their data integrity and privacy. Therefore, as a vendor you must gain end-users’ trust regarding what you do with the end users’s eye tracking data. Being transparent is a good starting point in gaining trust and that is why we created the Tobii Eye Tracking Data Transparency policy.

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Tobii’s Software Development License Model

There are three licensing types for developers using Tobii developer software and SDKs: A Getting Started development license, a Commercial development license and a Research development license.

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Enhanced Gameplay Experiences

From large studios to indie titles, over 100 games are now supported by Tobii Eye Tracking. Game Designer Victor Magnuson talks about some of the benefits of eye tracking integration in Warhammer: Vermintide 2.