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    For some reason the scroll function in the eyex for windows does not work. I have also never been able to get the direct tap to work. Every time I press the “interact” hotkey, I almost always get a zoom. Is that how it is supposed to work? If I double click it just zooms quickly and then performs the click.

    Erland [Tobii]

    Hi Sage,
    In which apps have you tried scrolling? Which OS do you use? Scrolling only works in certain apps as of now. Chrome browser works well.

    Direct clicking larger items should click directly, without the zooming effect. Clicking smaller items will first zoom in the region of interest to facilitate eye selection, then click again to click the desired item.



    I’ve observed that Direct Interaction defaults to zoom mode on objects it doesn’t recognize large objects, like Erland said. When there are no objects identified by the program, it assumes that they’re all small objects and zooms. In my case, I use it to try out functions in Guild Wars 2, which probably doesn’t have any specified objects out of the box, so no matter what I look at, it will always zoom.

    That being said, I know direct click is working in the w8 start screen. Never zooms there!


    I use Chrome primarily with the EyeX on a Windows 8.1 os. Strange thing is that the scroll function for the browser used to work before I updated (I believe to 1.0), but now it doesn’t.

    I was not aware of the “zoom” versus “no zoom” conditions. Probably because, as MSS noted, there could be issues with how reliably it recognizes larger objects when web browsing. I don’t use the w8 start screen much, but maybe I’ll try it out more.

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