These SDKs are for developers that want to develop desktop applications that use eye tracking for gaze interaction, where the eye tracking data is used as a user input for creating interactive experiences in desktop applications or other software.

Analytical Use

Tobii’s consumer eye trackers are primarily intended for personal interaction use and not for analytical purposes. Any application that stores or transfers eye tracking data must have a special license from Tobii.

There are several different SDK options depending on which programming language and framework your application is targeting. Tobii provides both high-level SDKs and low-level SDKs. On these pages, we will guide you to the SDK that best matches your use case and help you get started along with API documentation, download links, and samples.

Here is an overview of the different SDKs currently offered by Tobii along with a brief introduction that will help you select the one that best fits your needs:


With the Windows 10 April 2018 update Microsoft has made the Microsoft Gaze API available for UWP application developers. The API provides the gaze data stream and access to an eye tracker object for the current view without additional software.

Tobii Core SDK

The Core SDK can be used to develop desktop applications with gaze interaction for either Win32 or WPF based applications.

Tobii Stream Engine

Stream Engine is the lowest level eye tracking API supplied by Tobii and it is mainly intended for advanced users. Stream Engine provides low-level access to eye position, gaze point data, presence and head pose data streams.

Platform Development Kit (PDK)

Some of our eye trackers, such as Tobii Eye Tracker 4L, is designed for use in professional products and applications where control of the software / firmware is needed and where there may be a need to customize parts of the calibration and configuration procedures of the eye tracker. These eye trackers come with a Platform Development Kit (PDK) which enables a small footprint, access to advanced data streams and such customizations. The PDK includes a platform runtime in the form of a service executable together with a client library to be used by any customer-provided application. If you are interested in such a solution please contact our sales team

Interaction Library

The Interaction Library is a lightweight library that makes it easy to use gaze for interaction. It also provides robust eye tracker connection management and easy access to standard data streams.

Are you developing games?

Learn why eye tracking matters in gaming and how to design and develop eye tracking interactions in games. We support both Unity and Unreal Engine 4.