Tobii Core SDK

The Tobii Core SDK provides you with  APIs and frameworks to build gaze interaction applications enhanced with the knowledge of the user’s gaze and attention. Create more intuitive natural user interfaces, deeper immersion, next level experiences, or something never seen before!

Tobii Core SDK is a package consists of two APIs. Tobii Interaction API and Tobii Stream Engine API.

NameAPIUse this when
Tobii Interaction APIHigh Level APIUse Interaction API when you want to get gaze position, filtered gaze stream, head pose, gaze aware objects, UI framework integration as well as support for multiple screens and user profiles. read more
Tobii Stream EngineLow Level LibraryUse Stream Engine when you have strict requirements on threading or memory allocation. (macOS and Linux version is coming soon) read more

Allowed usage

Interactive Use Yes, freely
Analytical Use * Only with special license
Medical Use Only with special license
High-risk Use Only with special license

* Saving or transmitting gaze data in any form is considered analytical use and will violate user privacy. You can find a copy of the detailed license terms here.

Tobii Interaction API

Key features and functionality

  • APIs with access to:
    • Streams and functions that enable you to build gaze interaction applications with eye tracking as input, such as Gaze Position, Eye Position, Head Position (6dof), Calibration, Settings & Profiles etc.
    • Interaction API that provides additional tools that enable you to quickly and easily build applications with sophisticated gaze interaction components, such as WPF integration.
  • Libraries, Drivers and Language Bindings
  • Example code
  • Documentation

Operating System and Language Binding support

Operating System Windows (64 bits) macOS Linux
OS versions Win7, Win8, Win10 no no
Language bindings C#
API functionality Both streams and Interaction functionality

Version and Useful Links

Nuget Package URL
Samples URL
Documentation URL

Tobii Interaction API Install instruction

To use Tobii Interaction API, you have two options, Nuget installation or dll installation. Here you can find the description for each solution.

Option 1: Tobii Interaction API Nuget Installation

Option 2: DLL Installation: Tobii.Interaction.Model.dll and Tobii.Interaction.Net.dll to your project

Tobii Stream Engine API

Tobii Stream Engine provides a low level eye tracking Api intended for advanced usage. Stream Engine enables developers to access gaze and head pose data and is typically used in games developed in C/C++ which require low latency and full control over system resources. It is provided as a C library with optional bindings for C#.

Operating System and Language Binding support

Operating System Windows macOS Linux
OS versions Win7, Win8, Win10 coming soon coming soon
Language bindings C#, C/C++
API functionality Low-level streams