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    It is a PAIN’ to put on those Contacts… HONESTLY…

    Many of em Broke in the process, but JUST LIKE the first time i used the Tobii 4c…With Patrice and Patience :: I’m getting used to it.

    I Had tho to Go see my Optometrist because i did research on the MANY MANY MANY Eye Disease and Ir regulation that Human EYE can develop Wearing contacts That you dont need.

    Lets Just SAY that for the Dynavox Branch… I WOULDNT recommand it.

    i Actually am Looking forward to find a GOOD Optometrice COMPAGNY who could Affiliate with Tobii, As good as it could be for THEM, for the future of EyeTracking with IR.

    Thank you.

    As soon i get the contacts in, Calibrate the screen, Calibrate a Fresh new Profile = STABLE.

    EDIT : I MOVED My Pc set up NEAR a WINDOW , so the SUN would change Environement LIGHTNING From a Regular DAY.
    #— In ANY POSITION :: Sun Behind the screen, To the left/Right
    #—- EXECPT ::: screen facing the sun.
    #—– The NON-UV Contacts = UNSTABLE AND WORST THEN whitout ANY Contacts.
    #—– The YES-UV ConTACTS = STABLE and i find Best result AT NIGHT with an STANDARD light bulb :: 130 V. 40 W. Type A15. :: AT 10%


    I am Currently Trying to modifye the Detection Process so it would Detect The Dots inside the PUPIL Location.
    With alot of Testing, i had SIGNIFICANT result and CAN SAY, This Improved stability , performance HAD Been the same SINCE i was able to REACH that PRECISCION, even whitout the contacts, BUT couldnt SAY it was STABLE, had to recalibrate everytime i sit BACK on the chair(on Windows 7).

    THANKS for Reading.


    Yea i Actually bought Two different .

    I will post again if anything GOOD comes out of it.

    I think Best Results will be with the all Black one, i just have a feeling these could also DECREASE stability since it would detect an EYE sized Pupil.

    Since i cant really access the Tobii 4C iR Camera Images , i dont really know how the cameras actually catch the IR reflection in an Eye…
    I was hoping you guys could tell me more, does it track the pupil which is black, or does it also detects the white around the eye.

    ALSO if you guys would consider This project for the future, If it REALLY has impact on Accuracy,
    For future Reference :::
    I really think a slight modification of THIS MODEL

    Could be something GENIUS!!! For exemple rather then Detecting 1/2 Color in the eye , it could detect 3/4 instead.
    IF THAT is how the Core Even works X”D I’m sure Developers would see the Model and figure out something Similar .

    Thank you Grant,
    Thanks to all of you Tobii, Amazing community.


    The problem with Cheating holes is not FaceTrackNoIR, nor the Tobii themself… the problem is python.

    Simply Picture NOT Having a EyE Tracker, Simple Python could STILL use Face Recognition with In-game character Faces Assest, Draw a Square around Faces, and press a key to Move Mouse to Center of Square….

    Anyway just to Picture how you can REALLY DO Anything with Python.


    I also dont believe that ANYBODY whitout Python skills can operate this… But You know These Days (especialy Python) you might just be able to Copy Paste it from somewhere else…

    Considering Python is WAY too easy to learn, Yea it might just be dangerous for alot of Games that WORK hard against Cheating, to let this Post Open to public.


    This Completly Avoid the SDK BTW, you can emulate ANY, Input, with FreePie and FacetrackNoIR, WHich is GREAT! you can Basicly play RACING Gamings, in First persson View with only your Eyes and Pedals.
    But This can also be VERY Game Breaking in COMPETITIVE Games and i dont want to give Details… But here it is i dont believe ANYBODY execpt Great Tobii Community will read this.
    (Please Alex Make the dangerous info Confidential?, the whole post)

    It sure can do anything i believe, simply using FacetrackNOir set the output to facetracknoir_UDP, set the Adress to localhost and assign an NONUSED port.(doesnt really matter). THen you can use (well i use) OpenTrack, Input as UDP Receiver. so Opentrack Can Get the Information from Tobii EyeX.
    Alternatively you dont NEED OpenTrack, but Center Hotkeys i found were not working for me on FaceTrackNoIR, also Functions i needed are inside OpenTracks such as, Set Center, when looking at 50% X/Y(the center) of the screen. Doing so makes it so EVEN if the Gaze is not AS ACCURATE AS it SHOULD… It will be for OpenTrack.

    Now you must set the Curves at the SAME . else you will get False Data going on, Depending on your Setup always. Then you you want HeadTracking,
    — i perssonaly found it EASIER to SETUP, and Calibrate, BECAUSE alot of calibration will be needed to get Correct in-game Funcs.
    — Using Python, FreePie. Which can Manipulate From the Tobii .dll themself, to TRACKIR… and even Translate one another Easily.

    I can give you an Exemple of Gaze – to Virtual DirectInput. to emulate what i called Byakugan, Basicly looking to your right would turn your camera to the right, since you would be looking at Something specific , exemple : a monster, when your looking to your right at the monster, your character will mostly center at him since your eyes cant lie, if you focus on what your looking FOR. it will just center to it correctly. Now i’ve been Trying and Trying and Trying to get this working WITH the HeadTracking… But i Find it Really NON working =/. The Tobii Headtracking is Really good althoo for COCKPITS views, i gotta admit…

    But To get some Extra Accuracy and an Rather finished Smoothing, I PERSSONALY, stick an Android Phone under a hat
    Run Facetracknoir UDP Android app. and It just Works… Better then TrackIr. BUT i think an Synergy Between The 2 is The BEst of ALL.

    Be advised tho :::

    NOTICE ::::(PLEASE Apply some HOT protection under the phone as it might get VERY hot you dont want to burn your head)
    :::::::::::(with an Samsung S6(underclocked a bit to get WAY LESS HOT 😀 ), i Remote control it to active the headTracking Function at will with Python scripts again)
    And make a lil hole in the hat Butt, Plug that phone so it doesnt Discharge(still can play up to 3Hours Wireless)


    Hai this sounds like what i’m trying to do.
    But Rather a Grid of Points.


    Would it be possible to Add easily, an Image file that would fit inside the GazeOverlay SHAPE ?. Adding the possibility to Customize not only the color but, the whole Overlay visual Appeal. SO we can have custom GazeOverlay cursors like this one

    I wanted to do it myself but… couldnt find source code for Tobii Gaze Overlay…
    Neither the source code for Tobii itself. Which i think could be GREAT To be able to customize the WHOLE GUI…

    Then i readed this post Saying Source is not available, yet!
    Well i either cant wait for The source to come out. OR The function to be implemented >.<


    I’m using Tobii and FacetrackNoIR… In fact i use Tobii and TrackIR”

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