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Jenny [Tobii]


Ok, then we can exclude the firmware from being the problem.

The EyeX Settings Panel will only use CPU when it is open, so you could keep that closed to save a little on the load.

The EyeX for Windows is a separate application and process and could also be shut down. At the present you do it manually by ending the task in the task manager, but in the next EyeX software release we have made it easier to close EyeX for Windows and only run the EyeX Engine from computer startup.

Also, in the next EyeX release, further enhancement on the engine performance is included. This release is currently being finalized and is expected to be publicized now in june.

Please, try running with the EyeX Engine only by stopping the other two processes and see if you get a feasible CPU load.

If you don’t, then the Gaze SDK would be an alternative since it does not use the engine. But it does, however mean that you would have to set up the screen plane and calibration yourself, and do all filtering of the raw data streams yourself.