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Hi Nicklas,
the EyeX header files use a lot of C macros and my guess is that the LabView CLFN doesn’t understand how to make sense of them. For example, the definition of the create context function expands to this:

__declspec(dllimport) TX_RESULT __cdecl txCreateContext(
TX_BOOL trackObjects);

We’re planning on removing those macros in a future SDK release but — as usual — there are also other things waiting to be done. In the mean time you can try running the header files through a C pre-processor if you have access to a C/C++ compiler. That should give you an output file with all macros expanded. I tried this command using the Visual Studio C/C++ compiler and it seemed to work well:

cl.exe /P /DWIN32 EyeX.h

(Or, if you don’t have access to a compiler, let me know and we’ll think of something.)