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Hi Grant,

thanks for the reply. I was suspection that an occlusion issue might be the cause, that’s why I tried as well to set the nonOcclusion parameter in “CreateFreeFloatingVirtualWindowAsync” to “true”, but that did not help. How would I have to set the Z value of the virtual window to be behind the the WPF window? While this is not the perfect solution for me, it would work for my use case I assume.

Global interactors sound very interesting and indeed might be what I’m looking for. I wasn’t aware of them sofar, since I did not see any documentation about them. Can you tell me a source where I can read more about them?

The reason for the virtual window is, that I want a permanent full screen eye tracking while the user operates other applications. I’m not caring though at which coordinate he is looking, but solely if he is looking at the screen or not (I’m tracking those events). The WPF window I’m solely using to allow the user to change settings of my program if he wants to, but is otherwise supposed to be minimized in the background.