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Hello and sorry everyone for beeing quiet. As I’m having much stuff todo, eitherway.

First of all I can never assure that any of this steps will fix it for everyone, I’m just lucky that the hardware is “still working”.
I ended up starting and stopping the Tobii Service whenever I like to. This also means I cannot assure how long its working in a period etc.

Now comming back to the forum and reading all of your struggles. I’m giving this another try while writing it down here, how & why I continue there.

1. Starting Tobii Service
Seeing in the tobii tray icon loading up, Eyetracker is shining red. After the “init”-process (the loading is over) my Eyetracker shuts down, “not available”.

2. Opening up Tobii – to verify the status in the about us section
There clearly from “Eyetracker-Model” to “Tobii Controller Core”: “Not available”. Everything else IS showing up a “correct looking” number atleast.
(Here are mine from top to bottom (short):
Windows Pro Insider Preview Version 10.0.19592 Build 19592 -> switched over the it, but shouldn’t help. Just using the new things in WSL 😉

ETC SW (Eye Tracking Core) –
CD (Controller Drive) – 20.4
Face Auth
Eye Tracker HID 1.9.862.0
Device 1.9.862.0

I just hope I dont have a typo in there xD )

3. Device Manager
straight down to usb-devices (atleast on my side): EyeChip – disable & enable (re-enable) it.
Eyetracker comes back, (wanted to turn on Gaze Trace) it turns off some seconds after again. So the same problem where I started at ****.
Switching the view to show devices from containers. Which shows me EyeChip (and its Item below <- the one we disable later delete etc.)
Aswell as the Tobii Eye Tracker HID with Tobbi Device & Tobii Eye Tracker HID inside (you will see its connected to the EyeChip, when disabling it)

4. Following my previous strat
turned out, windows 10 is faster than me doing the manual driver installation. And the reinstalled drivers aren’t working here. Even after restarting the service.

wasted a bit of time trying to install / reinstall / remove & search for changed devices inside the device manager just helped till the eyetracker actually would start to eyetrack.. like atleast feeling like, at that moment where it inits the eye tracking it crashes the “device”.

well. either I’m missing a point from myself before that I cant figure out yet – as power management settings of the tobii devices are not checked.

I’ll give this another try soon again
For others I can just recommend trying out between re-plugging the cables (may some faulty port? -> could be on the display too.. so yeah..)
check how the “about us”-section is behaving while toggling EyeChip off and back on (may you get some Model & Firmware Data out for a short period)
There are plenty local files, I wouldn’t recommend to just remove them, more to test out the Programs provided inside (I’m finding a “Test Core” which fakes the eyes and showing up in the “about us”-section..

If nothing shows up in the device manager, check your cables & drivers (may you can find drivers in the tobii folder as me does)
The Tobii Service is a good point to go, restart it – may you see your eyetracker comming back to life for some seconds.
May reinstalling the Tobii Software (would try different ones – but please only provided from tobi & vendors / known sites)
while deinstalling make sure EVERYTHING is getting deleted.

Anyway. I hope I get some more ideas & a bit of time to debug this out more 🙂
Would be interesting if there are more possibilities provided (except the Troubleshoot Package, which I can’t send up due another error.. :D)